Excel Civil Enforcement Limited


Excel Civil Enforcement’s Board of Directors set out a strategic direction for how they wanted the business to operate and how to position the company within the enforcement industry; an industry which occupied a very different regulatory landscape than the one it does today.

The decisions were based on the desire to be totally compliant and self-regulating, technologically independent and responsible for the training and quality of its own enforcement agents. The following core principles were adopted: - (1) Only employing full-time (PAYE) Enforcement Agents; (2) Creating an in-house Centre for Enforcement Excellence, providing targeted, regulated training; (3) Creating an in-house Information Technology Team and (4) Operating under a shared services model.

These decisions provided the foundations for our strategy, which has delivered excellence in enforcement to the benefit of creditors and debtors alike, resulting in Excel being one of the most prominent and respected enforcement companies in the UK.


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