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Business Rates Retention - What is your authority’s rateable value?

David Magor OBE IRRV Hons
Paul  McDermott FIRRV
May 2013


Universal Credit Migration - Resource Modelling For Housing Benefits

David  Magor OBE IRRV Hons
Phil Sudlow
Steve Taylor

May 2013


Where is the Empty Rate Going ?
Jerry Schurder FRICS FIRRV

Head of Rating - Gerald Eve LLP 
May 2013


Universal Credit Local Support Services - Background on current projects
David Magor OBE IRRV (Hons) 

24 April 2013

Council Tax Reduction Schemes - Prepearing for April 2013
David Magor and Gary Watson

7 January 2013

The Localisastion of Business Rates
David Magor and Gary Watson.

7 January 2013

The Latest on Council Tax support schemes
David Magor and Phil Agulnik (Entitledto).

17 December 2012


RVB for Council Tax Administration: An Update
James Rawlins - Coactiva 

11 December 2012



Reflections on the IRRV Performance Awards

6 November 2012





Carrying out a Rating Audit on Local Authority Occupied Premises

18 October 2012



Reflections on the IRRV 2012 Annual Conference

David Magor 11 October 2012


Council Tax Support Consultation

David Magor and Phil Agulnik 28 September 2012