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August  2017

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From the VOA - useful information for IRRV members

30 September 2016

As you’re aware, we have replaced the old RLI site with a new “Find your business rates service”.  From 30 September, this service will display the Draft Rating Lists.  This message will give you some useful detail in response to the large amount of feedback we have received on the site so far.

There are three key things to bear in mind:

1.    Our new service is designed around ratepayers’ needs – we have conducted extensive user testing with various customers, which has provided positive feedback for the new service. It follows industry best-practice, and is designed specifically to be ratepayer-centric.

2.    We have also undertaken research with Agents and Local Authorities and have built their initial feedback into the overall design.  However, the service is being run in public beta, both to test that it works as we have designed it to, and to ensure we can plan and implement new releases to address any feedback received.  Over the next few weeks we aim to include information about previous and existing appeals and advanced search fields. We will continue to improve the site based on feedback to meet user needs.

3.    The VOA will also provide the full rating lists and a majority of detailed valuations as a downloadable dataset. This provides a reliable and easy alternative for Agents and other advanced bulk data users.

The data will be available for download and free of charge but its usage is restricted.  Full terms and conditions and a link to the download will be available on

CHOVA Conference slides

IRRV ran The CHOVA 2016 conference at the Crieff Hydro Hotel on 7th and 8th September 2016, with excellent speakers.   You can download speaker slides by visiting the site below:


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