The Institute of Revenues, Rating and Valuation (IRRV) has worked with numerous local authorities, housing associations, elected members, voluntary and commercial organisations while developing IRRV Online Training programs.  The programs have been written by experienced practitioners who have extensive experience in their field.  The courses have Subject Matter Experts assigned to ensure that you can rely on the information contained in the courses.   

Each of our courses have two linked areas to create a balance between highly relevant information, held in the Resource Centre and learning activities, held in the Learning Centre. The Learning Centre enables learners to set their own goals and access the material in a way that suits their learning style. The Resource Centre is packed full of documents, legislation,articles, web links and case studies to supplement the learning activities.  The Resource Centre acts as an invaluable resource for trained staff who need a reference to confirm matters of law or of practice.

The programs also contain comprehensive TNAs (Self Assessments). The ‘Basics’ IRRV Online Training programs TNA consists of 20 multiple choice questions and follows the life of a fictional claim/application. The TNA in ‘Pro’ programs contain 100 multiple choice questions.The reporting side of IRRV programs (Imago Manager) automatically calculates user responses and lets you assess how you and your users have faired.

Imago Manager (the tutor area of programs) allows you to track the progress of your learners and to accumulate their responses.  For example you can find out; who has registered; when they have logged on; what they have done; how long it has taken them; their responses to activities and their scores in quizzes. You can even export the reports to Excel.  It allow managers and trainers to identify areas of strengths (and weakness) and make decisions based on reliable qualitative and quantitative information.