Recognised European Valuer Scheme REV

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The European Group of Valuers Association [TEGoVA]

Recognised European Valuer Scheme REV

Recognition for valuers in the UK and Europe

If you are a practising valuer in the United Kingdom, and meet the TEGoVA Educational, Ethical, Experience and Life Long Learning (CPD) requirements you may apply to the IRRV to become a Recognised European Valuer and use the designatory letters REV.

An REV applicant may also take out membership of the IRRV, subject to fulfilment of membership criteria. If you are not currently an IRRV member and require further information on membership go here.

The IRRV through its Valuers Association promotes the study of all aspects of valuation of land and interests in land, and to provides support to members of the Valuers Association in their professional activities whether in the UK or abroad,

The TEGoVA Recognised European Valuer Scheme is designed to maintain, enhance and harmonise valuation standards and the valuation profession in Europe. By granting the status Recognised European Valuer and designation REV, to individual practising valuers an internationally recognised indicator of ability, education and experience is provided to assure clients of a valuer's skills and proficiency.

An outline of the REV scheme and the application procedure is set out below and full details are available on the TEGoVA website´┐ŻTo apply for recognition the individual valuer must submit an application using the form (see below) to the IRRV with the necessary evidence showing he/she has achieved the stipulated requirements. REV Certificates are valid for 5 years (renewable) at an annual fee of £250.00 or £160.00 for IRRV members.

The REV application form may be obtained here or use links on the side of this page to obtain the form in a word format

The application form should be sent by post or in electronic format together with:

  • a current, signed CV
  • details of relevant educational qualifications
  • confirmation of adherence to an ethical code .
  • written evidence of a minimum of 20 hours continuous professional development per year;
  • a list of 20 real estate valuations undertaken within the last two years
  • two recent sample valuation reports, which may be edited where appropriate in order to assure confidentiality.

Please note that the IRRV may in addition call an applicant for interview. For more information or clarification please contact

REV Application form Word version


Apply for REV

Information required of a prospective candidateáto be considered for use of the designation Recognised European Valuer REV Scheme.

Please download the application form and return by post, or scan (to include signature) and email to

Michael Hopkins
Northumberland House, 5th Floor, 303-306 High Holborn

0207 691 8978


See also the TEGoVA website Click Here

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REV Application form PDF version