London Borough of Hackney

Summary of Submission

Modern councils rely on their ICT systems to deliver services. Cyber threats are increasing alarmingly and Hackney’s experience demonstrates that even councils which make sustained investment in their ICT are not immune to the potential for serious cyberattacks. The effect of such attacks can be catastrophic, with potential for direct harm to residents, including the most vulnerable.

Hackney Council has fought back using determination, ingenuity, skill and effective partnerships to recover from a seemingly impossible position. From a ‘scorched earth’ starting point immediately after the attack, the recovery work delivered a restored system, accurate data and the ability to process the claims and requests that local residents and businesses need.

Hackney’s recovery work will support councils by providing practical and repeatable experience for:-

  • Migrating to public cloud technology.
  • Delivering continuity in the event of a serious cyberattack.
  • A path to full service recovery.
  • Mitigating against the serious risks of cyberattack.

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