Renfrewshire Council

Summary of Submission

Innovation is Our Culture: 2020…A year like no other

German American economist Theodore Levitt said, ‘creativity is thinking up new things, innovation is doing new things’

Our submission is focussed on the Pandemic response from our ‘Revenues and Benefits’ teams

We show how our Council’s values of being fair, helpful, great collaborators and valuing learning are firmly embedded in the actions taken. These values enabled us to react, evolve and respond to a dynamic environment like nothing ever experienced before

Framed into four seasons we consistently describe the conflicting priorities faced.  Balancing employee and customer safety/wellbeing against the need to maintain income streams and provide essential council services to those most in need.

We believe that our endeavour stands out! Not only did we manage to maintain control of rapidly changing and fluctuating workloads,  we were proactive and innovatively  went ‘the extra mile’ to protect customers who we believed would have been worse hit by the pandemic.

Innovation doesn’t need to be about something new and shiny its about doing things differently,  doing different things;  optimising and sharing the technology, tools and skills which you have . That approach describes our Culture

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