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CPD is a framework used by individuals to record the things that they do which enhance and develop their skills and knowledge in their professional area throughout their working lives. All professional bodies offer CPD to their members.

The scheme is open to all Institute Members of all grades of membership.

The scheme is hours-based, requiring the participating member to keep a record of developmental time spent. A minimum of twenty hours per year is required to be spent on appropriate activities, spread over three categories as described below.

The scheme is obligatory. This means that while CPD is not compulsory – ie not a condition of continuing membership – the Institute considers it to be a professional obligation on all members. In fact, what is being asked is simply a measurement and recording of what is already good practice amongst members, as part of their regular updating and enhancing of skills and knowledge.

It must be stressed that there is no charge for participating in the scheme, and all Institute Members may join at any time.

CPD is administered on-line via the Institute’s website. Members are asked to draw up a plan outlining their professional aims and aspirations over the year, and keep a record of hours spent in appropriate activities. The activities that help the individual achieve their aims may fall under any one of three categories - Professional Practice, Professional Development, and Personal Development. Examples of activities in each category are given below. If the aims change during the year, this should be reflected in the development plan. Recorded hours do not include breaks between periods of activity or travel time.

Examples of CPD activities include:

Professional Practice  - Any activity involving the use of practical professional skills (eight hours minimum per annum)


Presentations on professional issues (to in-house or external audiences)
Service on committees or working groups (in-house or external)
Participating in approved IRRV regional or national meetings or those of another recognised professional institute
Examining/Moderator work
Authoring professional articles (in-house or external publications)
Lecturing/training on professional subjects (in-house or external)

Professional Development - A formal learning activity or structured programme of study (eight hours minimum per annum)


Attendance at training courses
Attendance at seminars
Attendance at conferences
Attendance at workshops

Distance learning
Study for formal qualifications
In-house training

Personal Development  - An activity which develops personal skills or knowledge (four hours minimum per annum)


Private study in appropriate professional areas
Structured reading in an appropriate professional area
Private research in appropriate professional areas.

Members must complete 20 hours per year – the year may start at any time

  • There must be a minimum of eight hours from each of the first two categories, and four hours from the third (Personal Development)
  • Hours may not be accumulated at a single event (eg IRRV National Conference)
  • Activities relevant to IRRV activity submitted to other professional bodies’ CPD schemes (eg CIPFA or RICS) may also be counted towards the IRRV scheme
  • A certificate will be awarded annually to members successfully completing the year; a Practising Certificate will be awarded to members successfully completing three years
  • A sample of submissions will be moderated by calling in evidence of activity

Finding CPD activities

The IRRV runs a full programme of conferences, professional meetings, and seminars, and offers training and updating on a wide range of professional topics. The IRRV’s regional Associations hold lectures, meetings and other professional events. Participation in IRRV Forums is also a valuable form of CPD.  In due course all appropriate IRRV activities will be badged with the number of CPD hours that participants may be credited with.

The IRRV’s professional publications enhance the professional development of both authors and readers.

How do I enrol for CPD?

Click HERE to login to the IRRV member area and register for CPD online. Once registerd you can create your CPD plan and keep a record of your activities

Who do I contact for help and advice regarding the CPD Scheme?

Sue Williams-Lee at the IRRV will be the main contact for registering for the scheme and for any help and advice that is needed. Sue can be contacted by e-mail –
or by telephone: 020 7691 8978

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