Vision 2020 and Beyond

“A Consultation Document to Determine the Institutes Strategy for the next Decade”

In early 1999, the Institute found it necessary to undertake a fundamental review of itself, its market place and its services. As a result of that review, it published ‘IRRV: Beyond the Millennium’; this was a plan to take the Institute into the 21st century and address a key number of issues. Further documents were published in 2002 and 2007 entitled ‘Facing the Future’. The work outlined in these documents was overtaken by the impact of the economic downturn in 2008. Strategic decisions were made to deal with the consequences of this momentous event, which included the sale of Doughty Street and a rethink of our annual activities, in the light of a dramatic reduction in local government spending and the introduction of Universal Credit.

Recent events concerning the European Union and the ‘austerity programme, together with the continuing squeeze on public spending, emphasises the need for this document. The document is presented as a consultation vehicle, which requires answers to specific questions, which will chart the delivery of the Institute’s activities over the next five years.

The marketplace in which the Institute operates is as challenging and competitive as ever. The Institute continues to secure its market share and has experienced ten years of volatile operation and trading, where our financial performance has been patchy and this, together with the continuing deficit of the pension fund, has adversely affected the balance sheet and put a considerable strain on day-to-day activity.

However, through the increased use of web technology and a better trained and a more informed complement of staff, the Institute is now better placed than it was in 2008, to compete on a level playing field.

A key factor of this new strategy is the need for a business case for every limb of our enterprise, with a degree of confidentiality to protect our commercial position. In this way, the membership can see how we are using our resources, to achieve the results that they want.

In recent years, the Institute has struggled to maintain its income levels, but has contained its expenditure. However, it could be argued that expenditure should have reduced proportionally to our reduction in activity. The Council is determined to ensure that the financial health of the Institute is improved. The underlying principle of this strategy is for further growth and increased services, whilst ensuring the long-term well-being of the Institute.

Please carefully read this document and respond to the questions and add any other comments to assist in the maintenance and development of the Institute, for the 21st century.

All responses should be submitted to the

Deputy Chief Executive,

Gary L Watson IRRV (Hons) by the

11 January 2019 at