Submission Process & Details


1. A submission must not exceed 5,000 words. (Note: Submissions in excess of 5,000 words will be penalised)

2. Current levels of performance should be set out in tables and / or graphs. (Note: Any targets for 2017 / 18 should also be provided)

3. Additional documentation should not be provided to support the submission. (Note: The short listing exercise will be based on the submission alone)

4. An organisation is entitled to submit an entry in more than one category although each must be tailored to the specific criteria for that category. (Note: A separate contact form must be submitted with each entry)

5. The Awards Panel reserve the right to split a category or consider a submission in another category other than the one it has been entered in to. (Note: This will only be with the agreement of the entrant) 


Criteria for Each Category

Click on the category of your choice below to view a PDF of the criteria:

Team awards

Excellence awards


Submission Details

An organisation that is considering entering the awards in 2017 is requested to register their interest with the Performance Awards Co-ordinator by e-mail. This will enable the Performance Awards Co-ordinator to provide any advice or assistance when submitting an entry.

An electronic submission, together with one copy of the contact form (*) is to be completed separately for each submission, and sent direct to the Deputy Chief Executive, Gary Watson IRRV (Hons) by 5.00pm on Friday, 2nd June 2017.

All submissions will be acknowledged by e-mail within 24 hours of receipt. If an acknowledgement is not been received, an organisation should contact the Performance Awards Co-ordinator immediately.


Click here  to download an electronic version of the contact form

Contact Details

All enquiries on the Performance Awards should be addressed to the Performance Awards Co-ordinator, Gary L Watson IRRV (Hons); his contact details are:

Northumberland House,
5th Floor, 303-306 High Holborn,
0207 691 8988
0207 831 2048