Becoming an IRRV Member

The IRRV is the largest professional institution operating in the field of revenues, benefits and valuation. IRRV Member grades are structured in a way to ensure that there is a grade of membership for everyone working in local authorities, related private sector workplaces, and public and private sector valuation. 

View the membership grades and prices to find out which grade is right for you.

How to join

Anyone wishing to become a member of the IRRV should complete our online application form. Those applying for Fellow or Retired Membership grades should contact the membership officer directly. Subscription payments may be made by cheque, debit / credit card (Visa or Mastercard only), or by direct debit. 

Please note student members sitting examinations need to be an active member 3 months prior to sitting their examiantions. Anyone wishing to cancel their membership must do so in writing by contacting the membership team at

Members are requested to observe the provisions of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the IRRV, the Code of Conduct for members and the rules and regulations of the Institute. 
Membership queries should be directed to the Membership Officer in writing at the above address, by telephone on 020 7691 8996, or by email on

Apply for IRRV membership

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Make sure you know the category of membership you wish to apply for. If you are uncertain, read about the membership categories below.

Before applying you should also be ready with the name and work contact details of a person who will support your membership – either an IRRV Honours member or your line manager.

If you have any queries about your application please email or call 020 7691 8996.

Membership Categories

Honours Membership - IRRV (Hons)

Fellow Membership - FIRRV

Honours REV or FIRRV REV Membership

Diploma Membership - IRRV (Dip)

Corporate Membership - IRRV

Technician Membership - IRRV (Tech)

Student Membership

RQF / SCQF Membership

Affiliate Membership

RETIRED MEMBERSHIP is available at an annual subscription of £57.00, or LIFE RETIRED MEMBERSHIP may be taken out for a one-off fee of £280.00.

The Institute keeps its members informed of current issues and provides opportunities for further professional and personal development and the sharing of best practice. Its qualifications and Continuing Professional Development scheme are designed to meet the needs of members at every stage of their careers and its conferences and meetings offer opportunities for networking with other professionals from the UK and overseas. A thriving network of Associations is one of IRRV's main strengths. The Associations organise programmes of professional and social activities that take place regionally and provide the opportunity for members to become more involved in the work of the Institute.

Benefits of Membership

Memership Fees

There are many benefits of being an IRRV Member. View Benefits of Membership here to find out what you receive in return for your membership subscription.

Professional Project Assessment

Guidance on the Professional Project Assessment route to Honours Membership can be found in the Professional Project Assessment leaflet

Tax Relief on Professional Fees

Did you know that you may be able to claim tax relief on your membership subscription. Go to for more information or call HMRC on 0300 200 3310. Please note that the Institute is listed on the HMRC list of approved bodies as Revenues Rating and Valuation Institute of.