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Role of the Institute's National Council

  • The role of the Institute’s National Council encompasses a variety of responsibilities, focusing on governance, strategic direction, and advocacy for the profession. It plays a crucial role in guiding and shaping the Institute, ensuring it serves the needs of its members and the broader community effectively and ethically.

    Our Articles of Association provide that the Council shall consist of seventeen members who shall be Fellow Members, Honours Members, Diploma Members or Technician Members, elected by and from among all such members and those retired members who prior to their retirement were, or are deemed to have been, such members. The President, Vice Presidents and Immediate Past President of the Institute are ex officio.

    Each year, one third of seats on Council will be filled by an election among members who are entitled to stand for Council. Members of Council will serve for three years with retiring elected members are eligible for re-election. The election notice is published in the July edition of Insight and on the IRRV Web Site.

    Serving as an elected member of the Institute can offer numerous benefits, both personally and professionally. These include:-

    1. Personal Development

    • Leadership Skills
    • Public Speaking and Communication
    • Networking Opportunities

    2. Personal Development

    • Relationships with other Professionals and Leaders

    3. Professional Growth

    • Career Advancement
    • Industry Insight
    • Access to Resources

    4. Contribution to the Profession

    • Influence and Advocacy
    • Mentorship and Support
    • Ethical Standards

    5. Organisational Impact

    • Strategic Direction
    • Policy Development
    • Event Planning

    6. Community and Social Impact

    • Professional Recognition
    • Public Service
    • Advancement of knowledge 

    For information on serving as a member of the Institute’s Council, contact the IRRV Chief Executive, Gary L Watson IRRV (Hons), at Gary.watson@irrv.org.uk.