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  • What is ‘IRRV Continuing Professional Development’?

    Continuing professional development (or CPD for short), is the term used to describe the supplementary learning that professionals undertake. IRRV CPD helps to augment and enhance your abilities in the workplace; however, it encompasses much more than simply learning.

    Rather than being passive and reactive, IRRV CPD makes learning conscious and proactive, which enhances personal skills for application in the workplace. By engaging in CPD, you will ensure that neither your academic or practical qualifications will become obsolete. Regardless of where you are in your career, your age, or even your level of education, CPD offers you the opportunity to upskill your knowledge.

    Not only does CPD help to enhance your skill set, it also enables you to adapt to changes in the work environment too. In an ever-changing world, engaging in CPD can help you prepare for future roles, while also showing your commitment to self-development and professionalism.

    Benefits of ‘IRRV Continuing Professional Development’

    Learning is a process that continues throughout your life and by engaging in IRRV CPD, you can ensure continued success in your career. Often the people who engage in IRRV CPD become integral members of their local authority or company, as they continuously strive for new ideas and initiatives.

    While you may think that your current levels of education will supply you with all relevant skills to help with your career, IRRV CPD can really enhance your profile. This can avoid the skills gap; something that is as important for employers as it is for you.

    Owing to your increased knowledge, you can become much more effective in the workplace and this will open doors to career progression. Moreover, you can use your increased knowledge to demonstrate your leadership skills by sharing your knowledge with others.

    Refreshing your work based knowledge and understanding of certain skill-specific topics can make you stand out from the crowd. It can also help with any skills that you may have let slip. As such, you will feel more confident about undertaking you job.

    Who can apply for ‘IRRV Continuing Professional Development’?

    The scheme is open to all IRRV Members; irrespective of their membership grade. Members can access their personal account through the IRRV Web Site https://irrv.net/members/. To do this, they just need to enter their membership number and password.

    For those that are not members of the Institute but are interested in IRRV CPD, they would need to become a member in the first instance. Details of how to join can be found at: https://irrv.net/homenew/item.php?iid=21545&wid=5&did=14

    Outline of ‘IRRV Continuous Professional Development’.

    The main characteristics of IRRV CPD are as follows:-

    • IRRV Members must complete 20 hours per year; the year may start at any time.
    • There must be a minimum of 8 hours from each of the first two categories (Professional Practice and Education and Training / Personal Development) and 4 hours from the third category (Personal Development).
    • Hours may not be accumulated at a single event (e.g. IRRV National Conference).
    • Activities relevant to activities of the Institute that are submitted to CPD schemes of other professional bodies (i.e. CIPFA, RICS and RSA) may also be counted towards the IRRV scheme.
    • A certificate will be awarded annually to members successfully completing the required number of hours in any one year.

    As part of an annual audit, the Institute may request a sample of submissions; they will then be moderated to ensure compliance with the scheme.

    The three categories are as follows

    Professional Practice
    Any activity involving the use of practical professional skills (8 hours minimum per annum). This includes:-

    • Participating in approved IRRV events (local and / or national level)
    • Presentations on professional issues (in-house and / or external)
    • Writing articles for publications (in-house and / or external)
    • Serving on committees, working groups etc. (in-house and / or external)

    Education and Training / Professional Development

    A formal learning activity or structured programme of study (8 hours minimum per annum). This includes:-

    • Attendance at Conferences, Professional Meetings, Seminars, Training Courses etc.
    • Lecturing and training
    • Examining or moderating

    Personal Development

    An activity, which develops personal skills or knowledge (4 hours minimum per annum). This includes:-

    • Study for a Professional Qualification
    • Private study / structured research in a professional area


    For Further information on ‘IRRV Continuing Professional Development’ please contact:

    Dee Fergus, Quality Assurance and Compliance Officer

    Email: Dolores.fergus@irrv.org.uk
    Tel: 020 7691 8981