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Membership for Organisations


    IRRV Organisational Membership is more than just a badge. Organisational members are meeting the perception of Revenues, Benefits and Valuation professionals in the workplace by giving them a voice and the confidence to grow in their careers. The Organisation must show they are committed to developing their people.

    Your membership with the IRRV is a clear signal that an Organisation takes their professional responsibilities seriously and are using resources to develop business-critical skills that provides genuine career progression. This ensures employees gain access to practical career development tools. Organisations the IRRV collaborate with, underline the integrity of their activity by signing up to the IRRV Code of Conduct, confirming their commitment to professionalism and to working in the best interest of society and clients. Through membership, the Organisation signs a pledge, demonstrating to customers and the wider community they are committed to upholding professional and ethical standards.

    Wherever the Organisation is in its professional membership journey, it is essential to embed IRRV Organisational Membership into its culture. As with all memberships, the more put in, the more you get out. We will ask an Organisation to designate an IRRV coordinator to ensure it gets most from our collaboration.

  • An Organisation must share the Institute’s values and ethos and work within the wider field of the profession. Being an IRRV Organisational Member does not confer a mark of accreditation or approval by the Institute. Instead, its functions should be seen as more a partnership of mutual support and encouragement. A benefit of being an IRRV Organisational member is that we listen to what they have to say and share ideas with all our members. The IRRV participates in all discussions relating to the Government’s plans
    for our areas of professional interest. By belonging to a Professional Body, it gives an Organisation a direct voice in policy and makes their voice heard.

    Our relationship with an IRRV Organisational Member remains within professional boundaries at all times. It is the IRRV responsibility to make sure an Organisation has the knowledge and skills necessary to work effectively with clients. The IRRV will work in a fair and inclusive way, promoting justice and equality of opportunity, challenging any discriminatory or oppressive behaviour or practice. 

    A checking process will be undertaken by the IRRV before accepting an IRRV Organisational Member. This includes proof of insurance, the flexibility of contractual terms and conditions, a proper complaints process and an understanding that the service could be subject to audit. The Organisation must be a registered and established entity and have a robust privacy policy in place. 

    In considering an application for IRRV Organisational Membership, we look at the types of products / services provided and who receives them (i.e. public and / or private sector). This includes how an Organisation advertises its products / services and engages with potential clients. Marketing communications will be reviewed as part of the application process.

    Applicants for IRRV Organisational Membership will initially be required to complete an application form. This will then be considered in line with a procedure agreed by the IRRV National Council. Membership in any one year will expire on 31 December. A review will be conducted annually to ensure an Organisation still adheres to the criteria for IRRV Organisational Membership.  

    Membership to the service includes the following:
    • Use of specially designed IRRV organisational membership logo for all your letterheads, organisational stationery and promotional literature while a member
    • 25% discount on advertising in IRRV Magazines
    • 20% discount on stands at all IRRV Conferences
    • IRRV Organisational Membership certificate
    • Inclusion in the electronic ‘Find a Member Online’ Directory at www.irrv.net/membershipdirectory/organisations.php
    • Receipt of the IRRV’s two Magazines; ‘Insight’ and ‘Valuer’
    • Discounts on delegate places at IRRV Conferences, Professional Meetings and Training Courses
    • Use of the IRRV’s Technical Enquiry Service
    • Free access to ‘Jobs Online’, which offers you unrivalled access to a targeted pool of professionals
  • Below are the yearly fees; running 1st January to 31st December. However, Organisational Membership can be joined at any time of the year on a pro-rata basis. 

    There is a one-off joining fee of £250 followed by your membership fee, which is dependent on the size of the company:

    Sole trader £600 p.a.                           
    Up to 10 employees £1,080 p.a.      
    Over 10 employees £2,520 p.a.   

    * All Fees Exclusive of VAT 


    For all enquiries on Organisational Membership, please contact:

    Vicki Chastney, Head of Commercial Services 

    T: 020 7691 8979 

    E: sales@irrv.org.uk