Honours Qualification

The IRRV Honours qualification is the highest level of professional qualification offered by the Institute.

If successful, students become full corporate members of the institute and can use the designatory letters IRRV (Hons) after their name. This gives an enhanced status to the practitioner as the designation shows that the individual has attained a high level of technical knowledge and professional competence in their field of expertise.

In order to attain the honours qualification, a student must submit a proposal to the Institute on a Revenues or Benefits topic of their choice. If the proposal meets the requirements outlined in the guidance, they are asked to prepare a 15,000 word dissertation and to submit this to the Institute within six months. 

If the dissertation is accepted, candidates are asked to attend a 'Viva Voce' with a nationally recognised panel of Revenues and Benefits experts. The Viva is a form of professional discussion, lasting approximately one hour. During the Viva the candidate is asked to summarise the content, arguements and conclusions from their dissertation and answer questions from the panel.

Honours results are usually issued within two weeks of the Viva.  

For full details of the Honours qualification and how to enrol, please click on the links below. 

Honours Application Form

Honours Regs and Procedures from January 2021