Get Qualified by Distance Learning


We are excited to announce the official launch of our new distance learning platform, now live and available for student enrollments throughout the year. This upgraded platform offers a more interactive, seamless, and enriched educational journey.

Under this new system, students have the flexibility to commence their Level 3 Certificate studies either in January 2024 or July 2024

Starting in January 2024, students will focus on one specific subject and will be required to take the examination for that subject in June 2024. They will then move on to their second subject, commencing in July 2024 and completing it in December 2024, and so on. 

We believe that this sequential progression ensures a more focused and effective learning path for each student.

2024 / 2025 Course Timeline


Why choose our Distance Learning Course in 2024?

Structured Approach                                                                                                                            
Focus on one subject at a time                                                                                                                 
Take exams for each subject at regular intervals                                                                                      
Experience a more efficient and structured study process                          

Enhanced Learning Experience
Interact with engaging course materials
Benefit from a user-friendly interface
Access different resources and tools

Interactive Features
Participate in live sessions and tutorials
Engage in discussions with fellow students and tutors
Submit subject tasks, assignments and mock papers and receive feedback

Progress Tracking (for learners and employers)
Keep track of your learning progress
Monitor your performance                                            

The student featured in our video, Connor Thomas-Smith from Daventry District Council, is a national prize winner, having attained distinctions in all four subjects. Connor completed the Level 3 Certificate (Technician) qualification in June 2020.

The virtual resources include pre-recorded webinars for each subject and audio podcasts with updates, accessible via the distance learning portal. In addition, live webinars are run every month, giving the opportunity for asking questions and discussing matters at hand. The pre-examination courses are available as part of your distance learning course in the format of live webinars at the end of studying cycle for each subject. 

The webinars use interactive software which allows participation and engagement with both your tutor and your fellow classmates. Virtual webinars are a great way to study whilst in the comfort of your own home.

You will have an experienced tutor who not only teaches the sessions but will be your personal assessor, giving feedback on all your submitted work.

To work in Revenues and Benefits administration or Rating Valuation, you need managerial, professional and IT skills as well as drive, determination and the ability to think hard and straight. The IRRV Provides Qualifications to get you there.”