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Recognised TEGoVA Residential Valuer (TRV)

Recognised TEGoVA Residential Valuer™

TRV: The mark of excellence in residential property valuation

TRV status is the mark of excellence in residential valuation, demonstrating to international and local clients that the residential valuer is qualified to a consistent high European standard of practice.

The letters ‘TRV’ enable cross-border residential real estate investors to identify local residential valuers qualified to a recognisable European level. This gives both large and small local residential valuation firms the opportunity to tap into the steadily increasing market for pan-European investor clients.

Yet TRV’s greatest impact is on local clients. In times of economic uncertainty, local clients seek out professionals with special knowledge and experience who can help them make difficult investment and pricing decisions. Here, the competitive edge for TRV residential valuers lies in their guaranteed minimum level of education and experience.

TRV valuers display the initials ‘TRV’ after their name on their business cards, are provided with a numbered TRV impress stamp on their valuation reports and appear on the TEGOVA TRV on-line register consulted by clients and practitioners from all over Europe.


The TEGOVA-recognised status of TEGOVA RESIDENTIAL VALUER (TRV) is conceived for residential valuers with the following purposes:

recognising professionals who have reached a high level of achievement in purely residential valuation
serving as an incentive to improving residential valuation practice
creating an upper level of quality residential valuers clearly distinguishable from the lower level of those professionals involved in residential valuation
helping TEGOVA fulfil its role under the Mortgage Credit Directive of providing banks with a substantial and recognisable number of qualified residential valuers
providing a TEGOVA recognition in countries with an existing large pool of purely residential valuers who do not need the all-encompassing RECOGNISED EUROPEAN VALUER (REV) qualification knowledge and professional experience in order to conduct high quality residential valuations.

An outline of the TRV Application procedure is set out below. Full details of the TRV scheme are available on the TEGoVA website www.tegova.org.

To apply for recognition the individual valuer must submit an application using the form (see below) to the IRRV with the necessary evidence showing they have achieved the stipulated requirements. TRV certificates are valid for 5 years (renewable) at an annual fee of £213.00 for IRRV members, £334.00 for non-members.

The application form should be sent in electronic format together with:

A current, signed C.V.
Written evidence of a minimum of 20 hours per annum of continuing professional development (CPD)
A list of 20 real estate valuations undertaken in the last two years
Evidence of two EVS-complaint valuations undertaken during the last two years
Please note that the IRRV may in addition call an applicant for interview.


TRV Application Form

To apply for TRV status, please complete the TRV Application Form and email, together with the required accompanying documents to membership@irrv.org.uk.

If the applicant is not already an IRRV member, and wishes to take out membership, application must be made via the Membership pages.

For more information or clarification please contact membership@irrv.org.uk, or alternatively you can visit the TEGoVA website www.tegova.org.

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For more information or clarification please contact membership@irrv.org.uk