Insight Available on Apple and Android mobile devices


Available on both Apple and Android mobile devices, the IRRV is pleased to present its new and improved app interface for Insight and Valuer Magazines!

The new app interface showcases an improved UI & UX containing multiple editions in a simple to use app, allowing you the reader, to scroll vertically to view past editions. IRRV members accessing the app have an array of features at their disposal such as the ability to download pages or editions for offline viewing (ideal if you are travelling without internet connection), search (to be able to research between editions for particular keywords or topics) and bookmarking.

 Brand New Feature from August 2018 onwards! Optimised Article View  – This functionality provides our readers an alternative way to view your content across desktop, tablet and mobile. Available within the web edition or apps this feature allows the reader to view the content in an optimised 'pop up' Article View, making it easier for the reader to consume. Simply tap on article to view this in the optimised view or switch to the traditional viewing format at the touch of the button, the choice is yours.

This innovative view allows users to seamlessly swipe through articles within the app, share content and adjust the text size. Tailored to each device, Article View provides users with a more engaging reading experience, cross platform. Reading a full PDF on a smaller device such as mobile can no longer be seen as a challenge, making reading your favourite publications on a mobile easier than ever!

 To download the Apps please visit:

Apple devices: the Apple ‘App Store’; or

Android devices: the google ‘Play Store’;

 and search for ‘IRRV’.

You can log in to the App using you registered email address as your ‘user name’ and the default password, which is contained within your monthly edition notification email, sent to you by the IRRV Membership Team. If you would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact

Feel free to check them out now and we hope you like the new format!