IRRV Spring Series 2021




The IRRV Spring Series is a unique virtual event as we begin to escape COVID-19. It is a new approach to delivering high quality professional awareness. It is the “one-off” replacement for our normal face to face Spring Conference.



About the Event 

It consists of five separate short days (10am-2pm) spread over two weeks commencing 10th and 17th May 2021. Each day is self-contained and covers subject matter relating to each of the Institute’s four faculties and a fifth day on Wellbeing and caring for yourself.


There will not be a formal exhibition this year, however there will be several sponsorship opportunities available.


Sponsorship Opportunities

There will be four sessions each day. Organisations will have the opportunity to sponsor one session or to sponsor a full day. 



Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any further details about the event, or would like to discuss further the sponsorship opportunities available.



Contact us:

For more information please contact Clelia Abrams, Sales and Advertising Officer


t: 0207 691 8979

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