Virtual Inspections

Inspections will be conducted virtually and facilitated by the organisation.

An organisation short-listed in more than one category will have a separate inspecton for each category.

Virtual Inspections in any one category will not last more than 11⁄2 hours.

A short-listed organisation will be expected to make a presentation of no more than 45 minutes and should allow 45 minutes for any questions from the Inspection Team.

An Inspection Team would welcome the opportunity to meet with those that have contributed to the organisations achievement.

Additional documentation can be provided by the organisation prior to, during or after their inspection, to support their submission.

Following the virtual inspection, an inspection team will produce a comprehensive report, that is then submitted to the Awards Panel, who ultimately take the final decisions in each category.

A short-listed organisation will be entitled to request feedback on their submission(s).

Note: A short webinar will be recorded and sent to all short-listed organisations once the finalists have been announced. This will offer advice and guidance on how to prepare for and run a virtual inspection.